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Simplify Your Sourcing and Slash Hidden Costs

The Underfloor Heating Agent aims to take the stress out of working with overseas manufacturers, whether you happen to be a large or small distributor.

We provide a unique service that connects underfloor heating suppliers with international component manufacturers, coordinates ongoing communications and streamlines the logistical and practical considerations, opening doors for substantial savings for any and all UK-based merchants.



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Making connections
with manufacturers

Just as you may be considering working with international manufacturers, there are companies in the Far East, Eastern Europe and India who are looking to expand their presence and work with underfloor heating suppliers in the UK.

The Underfloor Heating Agent can act as your partner in establishing long-term connections by making connections on your behalf and putting your name forward when we're approached by manufacturers looking for a new partner.

This saves you potentially hours of prospecting, outreach and/or advertising and ensures your new business arrangement starts with the best foot forwards.


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Organising meetings
to examine samples 

The logical next step following an informal introduction would be a more in-depth discussion and taking a look at their samples, yet this poses immediate logistical issues if you are potentially working with a partner based in Asia.

The Underfloor Heating Agent removes this stumbling block by retaining a domestic stock of samples from international suppliers.

In the event that you decide to move forward in discussion with a potential international partner, we can arrange a remote meeting with the relevant parties complete with all the samples you wish to examine.



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If you would like to be added to our database to be contacted by manufacturers, please get in touch with us enquiries@ufhauk.com or complete our contact form.

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Free Consultations for Specialist Needs

The Underfloor Heating Agent team has worked with international manufacturers for many years, and in that time has developed an eye for favourable prices and the specialities of certain companies.

In the event that you require underfloor heating components with a particular warranty, payment terms or unique selling points such as branding options, The Underfloor Heating Agent can provide you with a shortlisted of trusted manufacturers who meet your criteria.



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Streamlining Logistics
for International Shipping

The final potential pitfall when it comes to working with international manufacturers is making sure the components you need get to the UK safely. We work with a number of freight forwarders to offer our clients a range of flexible freight options that suit their budget, criteria and timeframe.

In the event that a manufacturer wants payment for the components upfront, we are also able to advise on the different payment options to remove any risk from the equation in the unlikely event of a miscommunication, delay or error during transportation.




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Tap into the international market

Whether you need branded goods, bulk purchases or specialist components, the international market can provide. You can get in touch with our team directly at enquiries@ufhauk.com.

Please note that The Underfloor Heating Agent provide leads to distributors and manufacturers of underfloor heating. We are not liable for what might occur following the establishment of a partnership or its dissolution.

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