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Source with confidence with an established partner in underfloor heating

We are a team of specialist underfloor heating agents.

Drawing upon many years of industry experience, we take pride in our ability to create mutually-beneficial relationships that allow manufacturers to establish a foothold in the UK's £600m underfloor heating market while allowing UK-based distributors to work with international suppliers for preferential rates.




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UFHAUK: Your Bridge Between
the UK and International Market

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Why should you work with The Underfloor Heating Agent?


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We are well-established

Having provided millions of metres of piping to UK suppliers over the last 15 years and developed fruitful partnerships with businesses all over the globe, our manufacturing and merchant clients alike are able to take advantage of our years of experience in the underfloor heating industry.

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We are unique

No other sourcing can claim to have our unique understanding of the underfloor heating industry, robust international network or commission-free payment structure. This leaves us as a uniquely positioned option for UK-based distributors looking to expand the scope of their operations and manufactures aiming to break into markets alike.

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We are cost-effective

Our connections allow UK-based distributors to acquire stock at greatly reduced rates, while manufacturers are able to establish or grow their presence in the UK market for a comparatively-low cost. 





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Expanding the scope of UK underfloor heating distributors

The Underfloor Heating Agent has established connections with hundreds of international manufacturers spanning Central and Eastern Europe, South Asia and the Far East.

With the UK's own manufacturing base being comparatively limited, sourcing products internationally offers a more diverse range of stock and frequently for lower prices. The Underfloor Heating Agent helps wholesalers and merchants expand the scope of their operations by capitalising on our pre-existing partnerships and database of manufacturers.

UK Company Solutions





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Providing Manufactures with
a Gateway into the UK

The UK's underfloor heating industry is valued at £600m, and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7% until 2030.

The Underfloor Heating Agent is here to help international manufacturers tap into this market, acting as an intermediary between them and 2,500+ national merchants while handling sampling and introductions on their behalf.

International Manufacturers





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Looking to break into the UK market?

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The Underfloor Heating Agent – Your partner for seamless sourcing solutions.

You can get in touch with our team directly at enquiries@ufhauk.com.

Please note that The Underfloor Heating Agent provide leads to distributors and manufacturers of underfloor heating. We are not liable for what might occur following the establishment of a partnership or its dissolution.

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