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Bringing your global reach
to a local market

If you are a manufacturer of underfloor heating systems, components or electrics, The Underfloor Heating Agent can open the door into a whole new market.

We have access to over 2,500 distributors across the country, ranging from wholesalers to national merchant groups, many of whom are looking to work with international manufacturers to expand their product range, access specialised technologies or expand the scope of their business.


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Advertising on your behalf

Few underfloor heating distributors, if any, will distribute goods without first examining the products and assessing their quality.

The Underfloor Heating Agent can streamline this process by receiving and storing samples in the UK on your behalf, which we can then present to prospective UK-based partners in the event they express interest in working with you. This serves to greatly shorten the timeline between initial introductions and a finalised deal, as the samples will already be in the UK, all while saving money.




UFHAUK can provide you access to:


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Many Years

Industry Experience

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£600 Million

UK Underfloor Heating Market



If you are looking to get in touch with the thriving UK market, please complete our contact form or email us at enquiries@ufhauk.com.

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Passing on details

The Underfloor Heating Agent acts as an intermediary between domestic distributors and international manufacturers and facilitates communication between each party.

We are approached by manufacturers like yourself looking for an introduction with a UK-based partner just as frequently as we are contacted by distributors intending on working with an international manufacturer.

By working in and proactively advertising your products in the UK on your behalf, we can get you in touch with prospective partners looking to buy from international manufacturers in a mutually beneficial, commission-free arrangement.





Why trust The Underfloor Heating Agent?


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We retain transparency in all our dealings, negotiations and introductions to take care of the interests of both distributor and manufacturer. This includes signing non-disclosure agreements if necessary.

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We stand as a specialist sourcing agent rather than a generalist, possessing an in-depth knowledge of the industry, components and pricing courtesy of our team's experience.


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We take our role in forging trusted partnerships very seriously, with our primary concern being benefitting the UK-based distributor and international manufacturer alike. We will never put our name to an arrangement we are uncertain about.





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The UK Market Awaits

To receive a quote for our sourcing agent services, please complete our contact form. You can also email us at enquiries@ufhauk.com if you have any particular questions or concerns you want to address first.

Please note that The Underfloor Heating Agent provide leads to distributors and manufacturers of underfloor heating. We are not liable for what might occur following the establishment of a partnership or its dissolution.

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